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Size and how to do red texture painting

The red textured painting, the size is 12 ins x 16 If you do one you need to wait about 3 days or more to dry each layer, so it takes a while to do. Its good to do if your painting another picture so then you can keep layering it while your doing the other one. If you decide to do mixed colours in it you will need to wait longer otherwise it might mix and you would end up with mud. Acrylic paint l find when drying often leaves a small bit thats soft so watch out for this.


Hope you have seen the painting

I hope my followers and guests see that you can win a  naive type of painting on a wrapped canvas from my blog, free, and free postage anywere.

Art up for grabs

This a 12 x 10 ins painting in the naive style just finished on a wrapped canvas........... and ITS UP GRABBING....all you need to do is join my followers list and your name with go in a tin, shook up and first out the box on my birthday 25 th April will get this sent to them all ...FREE.

Texured Painting

This painting has lots of texture due to lots of layers of paint, l am not sure if l want to do another. It would be better to do one with lots of texture in different colours rather than just red. But it was different to do.

Another Naive Painting


New Naive Painting

I have just finished my new  Naive painting. Its paintined in artists acrylic paints over two coats of artists gesso and finished with a coat of artists varnish to protect it.
I loved this one as in my head l was living by the sea and  loving it. There is a few extra's in it if you look close.
I changed the bottom a few times, had a boat selling fresh prawns but then decided on cream teas but that changed. I just love weaving the story and having nice people living near, everyone helps each here.
I had a bad fall last week and it took ages to get up and it was in the daytime. If l had not managed to get up l would have been there till the next day maybe longer. Our neighbours are made to look terrible to us by the media, we here how people are attacked so  we don't keep our doors open and no one has a key. I woner if we will get our confidence back in our friends. Now company has to be invited. No wonder people are writing and painting nice people and  a nice world.


Change of Art


New Style of Art for me.

I never thought l would ever change my style of panting, so it was such a shock looking at some paintings at a gallery and falling in love with them. It was the style called 'Naive' and to me it was painting in a loose childish way but not easy as with so much small detail you have to draw out a plan which l have never done. I love it and can't wait each day to start and that's how art should be, just waiting for the next story to start. I also love it when my two grand children ask if they could be in the next one and l haven't to tell them were as they want to search themselves and l could hear them stood there talking to each other about the painting. With my abstract painting l never got a word out of them ever and they just walked past it and now l have two people already that like it. But later the little one Francheco asked how much would one cost as she said 'l get pocket money now 'so how would the same size cost. So l said what about having two smaller ones done to put up on your wall and you can pick who you want on them. After a lot of whispering they decided on Fifi that's on TV. After they went l had to google Fifi and find Fifi but painted two. They were both happy and now are thinking what sort they could have for there birthday. I am going to download some of my new naive paintings l have done and would love your opinion on them. Also do you say Naive in the way you would say 'she is very naive (ni-eve ) or is it said like nave. Have been puzzling over this for weeks. My next painting is going to be a Nanie or Granny hotel, have had the idea a long while so am hoping it works out. Look out for the fun bits on them to. It isn't easy painting as there is so much detail to do and space is hard to find but that's half the fun.. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Jill's Bargains

This is my new website i have opened http://www.artofjillsmith.com for my paintings so all the fabric is going to be (sold as three huge lucky large boxes) Which cost £25.00 each and there coming out if they would be sold at my normal half price bargains ,but now the boxes are worth over £75 so you getting a fantastic bargain......... Just let me know what you would pay for a big box, its below quarter price now.Just in time for making Christmas presents. Thats not all as an opening offer for my Art website is that all my paintings will be half price till Christmas, what a Christmas present for someone who is dear to you. http://www.artofjillsmith.com


New Art For Bank Holiday (SOLD

sold Hope you like this one as its different for me, every so often l like to do a mixed media piece. The size is 20 ins x 17 ins. Let me know what you think about it.


New Art finished August 2009

The painting is call Odds and Ends in Life Size is 24 ins x 24 ins

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Jill Smith is a well known artist from Lincolnshire UK.A lot of her work is in collections in the US and other countries. As she had to give up making her art quilts and wall hangings and has gone back to painting as it was better for her to manage she was left with lots of beautiful new fabric and textile art tools and lots of other things she is listing it here to sell. If you want to buy anything just go to paypal and pay for it and Jill will get in touch soon after. But you can always email Jill and ask any questions. Remember paypal take credit cards now.

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