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New Naive Painting

I have just finished my new  Naive painting. Its paintined in artists acrylic paints over two coats of artists gesso and finished with a coat of artists varnish to protect it.
I loved this one as in my head l was living by the sea and  loving it. There is a few extra's in it if you look close.
I changed the bottom a few times, had a boat selling fresh prawns but then decided on cream teas but that changed. I just love weaving the story and having nice people living near, everyone helps each here.
I had a bad fall last week and it took ages to get up and it was in the daytime. If l had not managed to get up l would have been there till the next day maybe longer. Our neighbours are made to look terrible to us by the media, we here how people are attacked so  we don't keep our doors open and no one has a key. I woner if we will get our confidence back in our friends. Now company has to be invited. No wonder people are writing and painting nice people and  a nice world.

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Geee sorry to hear you had a fall Jill and so bad that you had trouble getting up. I hope you arent too bruised and that you are recovering from the experience. Having a fall is scary. It is also scary that we dont have someone to call on. Love your latest work. All I have been doing is taking a course of strong steroids so I can do physical work outside like revamp decks and gates.
Shirley in Oz

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