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New Style of Art for me.

I never thought l would ever change my style of panting, so it was such a shock looking at some paintings at a gallery and falling in love with them. It was the style called 'Naive' and to me it was painting in a loose childish way but not easy as with so much small detail you have to draw out a plan which l have never done. I love it and can't wait each day to start and that's how art should be, just waiting for the next story to start. I also love it when my two grand children ask if they could be in the next one and l haven't to tell them were as they want to search themselves and l could hear them stood there talking to each other about the painting. With my abstract painting l never got a word out of them ever and they just walked past it and now l have two people already that like it. But later the little one Francheco asked how much would one cost as she said 'l get pocket money now 'so how would the same size cost. So l said what about having two smaller ones done to put up on your wall and you can pick who you want on them. After a lot of whispering they decided on Fifi that's on TV. After they went l had to google Fifi and find Fifi but painted two. They were both happy and now are thinking what sort they could have for there birthday. I am going to download some of my new naive paintings l have done and would love your opinion on them. Also do you say Naive in the way you would say 'she is very naive (ni-eve ) or is it said like nave. Have been puzzling over this for weeks. My next painting is going to be a Nanie or Granny hotel, have had the idea a long while so am hoping it works out. Look out for the fun bits on them to. It isn't easy painting as there is so much detail to do and space is hard to find but that's half the fun.. Hope you all have a good weekend.

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