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As l am not able to do my art quilts and textile arts n ow l had a blitz on my studio and got hand fulls of lace,ribbons, beads, designer buttons ect and then best of all, put them into a bag at a very cheap price with FREE POSTAGE on.
This is for the UK but will send any were so just get in touch for a quote. So anyone wanting a bargain of all those things plus leather purses and bags, go to ebay UK and my user name is 'creativejill' Sorry about not have a link for you but have been trying to get a short url from tiny url all morning but it just doesn't work for me. l am usless at this. If there is anyone that could do me a great big favour and can get a short url for me out of the below address l would be so pleased and would send you a art card in thanks. -Crafts-Grab-Bags_W0QOarmrsZl

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Jill Smith is a well known artist from Lincolnshire UK.A lot of her work is in collections in the US and other countries. As she had to give up making her art quilts and wall hangings and has gone back to painting as it was better for her to manage she was left with lots of beautiful new fabric and textile art tools and lots of other things she is listing it here to sell. If you want to buy anything just go to paypal and pay for it and Jill will get in touch soon after. But you can always email Jill and ask any questions. Remember paypal take credit cards now.

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