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My Last Art Quilt ....Bids Wanted

The picture below is of the last art quilt l did last winter finishing in January this year 2009. I was going to keep it but just do not have any spare wall to put it on and it seems wrong to keep it wrapped up and put away, after all the work l put into it..
So l am inviting people to make offers on it and the highest gets it were ever they live in the world. So think of an amount you would like to pay and get in touch with me. A lot of you know why it will be the last one, but for anyone else that doesn't its because l have RSD which gives me a lot of pain and art quilts need a lot of handling so in the end l had to give it up and go back to painting. Holding a brush is much easier. So ig if you want to have a one only art quilt here it is.

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Jill Smith is a well known artist from Lincolnshire UK.A lot of her work is in collections in the US and other countries. As she had to give up making her art quilts and wall hangings and has gone back to painting as it was better for her to manage she was left with lots of beautiful new fabric and textile art tools and lots of other things she is listing it here to sell. If you want to buy anything just go to paypal and pay for it and Jill will get in touch soon after. But you can always email Jill and ask any questions. Remember paypal take credit cards now.

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