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An Interview with Kim

I must tell you about Kim first , beside her wonderful art she is one of the kindest lady that l have met for a long time. Anyone who is reading this just go to her website and read the latest blog post. You don't find many people in this world doing what she is doing and paying all the bills. If l won any bit of the lottery tonight she could have a big chunk of it. This is her blog With the way the world is today are you going to use new ways to sell your art?- "I believe that the internet will help artists gain a following in many new ways. Some of the artist on-line commmunities such as Art Wanted and Red Bubble offer unlimited ways to show & sell your art. I still have to admit, I get my sales mostly from showings at Galleries. People do like to SEE your art. Someone, in these financially difficult days, needs to "fall in love" with a piece in order to lay down hard earned cash on it that could be spent in so many other more "practical" ways. But, a piece of art, in my opinion, is very practical in these depressing times. Looking at a beautiful work, or inspirational work is paramont to doing an hour of deep breathing Yoga! So, buyers will come. I partner with like-minded groups to share space to show my better pieces. Artist groups, such as our Nashville Artist Guild, has group shows which are in wonderful galleries. I am very thankful to be a part of this wonderful group. Also, I am primarily a nature and animal artist. Partnering with animal welfare groups such as shelters and groomers help gain a presence in the community most likely to be interested in my work. If a shelter, veterinarian or groomer hangs one of my works, I will have a wonderful referral point for people to contact me for other works and commisssions." Thinking about the question above, are you going to paint in smaller sizes? "Currently, most of my work is shown small... I am a photographer & digital artist, so am not wooed by the wonderfully large "canvas" that painters & other visual artists are. My canvas is about 17" by 20" (my computer screen!), therefore, I think small. I am lucky though. The on-line community sales sites can reproduce my art in many sizes if I send them my digital artwork with the correct dimensions. But, the final products are pricey for me to resell... I am grappling with this problem. At shows, my pieces are so much smaller than my painter friends. They work large & in a Gallery, that always impressess... this is a on-going issue for me." > Do you collect art if if you do what art & artist? "I love unknown artists for collection. Well, honestly, prints from some well-known photographers are on my walls, but, I have two originals from pastel artist "George Grace". He is currently working out of Buffalo, NY and has appeared in many major shows. He is wonderful & I am thankful to have his art on my walls! No website unfortuately. But, I do believe he is the president of the Buffalo Artist Society at this time. > > What is an ideal day for you & what would it include?- "Great question! An ideal day for me is sunny, about 70 degrees so that my cats can enjoy their outdoor enclosure & I can open my windows & let all that fresh smelling soon-to-be Spring air in. Then I'm at my computer with my pen tablet & Photoshop & Corel Paint programs in front of me. I sit back, look at my notebook with my millions of ideas & start working. It flows from me... some good, some not so good! I enhance, adjust, erase, paint, and waa laa! I create! Some brownies in the oven would be nice too!" > > What are you looking forward to this year?- "I am looking forward to meeting new & interesting artists and friends of my art both on-line and through my Nashville, TN art community. I am thrilled to now know great artists from all over the world... simply because of this wonderful thing called the "internet". Thank you, Jill for your kind questions & our new friendship!"

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