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An Interview with Chris Godber

What artist influenced you & how? Many artists work has inspired me from a variety of different movements/styles. Generally though I would say my main artistic influences are currently Wassily Kandinsky - I admire how Kandinsky was able to propel art in a new and exciting direction with his abstract work. I am influenced a lot by his at times chaotic scattered composition which brims with activity and energy. I aim to one day have this same energy and almost pulsating nature in my own work. Mark Rothko - I like a lot of Rothko’s work, though I have yet to see any in person. I like how he worked on a large scale and tried to communicate something about the human experience (tragedy and ecstasy) across to people, but in an abstract fashion. I am also influenced by his use of colour. Joan Miro - Miro’s work is an influence in the sense that I admire how many of his paintings seem to have a dance to them If you will, a kind of relentless energy behind each figure and shape. As for art movements that inspire me , I would say abstract expressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and suprematism are the current art movements that inspire and interest me currently. With the way the world is today are you going to use new ways to sell your art?- ______________________________
__ I have not got much experience in selling my art currently as it is, I plan on selling some online in the future but it is just a case of setting it up and sorting it out, which as yet I have not got round to doing. I think it is important to promote oneself though new media, which is why I vlog online( on youtube and maintain a blog( I think this can help greatly to at the very least make some connections to like minded artists and art appreciators online and it can also expose people who might not otherwise be exposed to my work to my artwork. Thinking about the question above, are you going to paint in smaller sizes I like to paint in a variety of sizes anyway, but I do not think I will paint in a smaller size just to sell my art, I do enjoy painting on a large scale and this is something I will continue to do because of the sense of satisfaction I get from it. I think essentially it is a question of wherever the artwork will work better on a large or a small scale , some art looks better small , some large. But ultimately no I will not paint in smaller sizes for purely commercial reasons. Sometimes however I have to paint in smaller sizes because of financial constraints. Do you collect art? if you do what art & artist? I do not have the money currently to collect art, perhaps when I have more money I will buy work that I like. What is an ideal day for you & what would it include? ________________________________ This is a pretty hard question!!! I guess I would have a bit of a lie in, maybe go watch a film at the cinema or go to an interesting art exhibition of some sort, have a nice Chinese or curry with a group of friends and then to do a painting at the end of the day that I am really proud of!! What are you looking forward to this year? Artwork - Setting up some kind of website to promote my work, trying to get my work out there more and see if I can sell it / Exhibit it in any capacity. Working on a larger scale and improving my art skills. Personal - Moving away from home is one of my main goals for this year and also achieving some sort of financial independence. I am also looking forward to the summer as I miss the warm weather!! - Chris Godber

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