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Playtex Moonwalk Please Help

Playtex MoonWalk 2009 follow MandyPandy32 on Twitter I'm 'just' a Mum of two who decided to put down the wine bottle and the Galaxy bar and put on a pair of trainers in order to face one of the biggest challenges of my life so far! As a Twitter user already, when setting out to raise money for this cause, I decided to try and use Twitter as a 'tool' to spread the word and raise money by getting Twitter users to sponsor me...despite me being a total stranger! So, come on Twitter Fans...restore my faith in the kindness of strangers and support an EXCELLENT cause at the same time. Every little it pennies or pounds! (Anyone who wants to donate via means not accepted by bmycharity e.g Paypal, can always donate here: if they wish to! :-) Thank You! If anyone would like to read the piece I wrote on my whole Twitter/Moonwalk 'experience', then bmycharity have posted it on their blog here: ****************************************************************************************************** UPDATE: This is loooooong, so sit down, get a cuppa and make sure you read to the bottom! ;-) The HUGEST of Thanks for the sponsors I have already received from Twitter's an amazing act of generosity, to sponsor somebody you've never even met! I have been using the 'power' of the Celeb Twitter users, in order to raise awareness of both the Moonwalk and my Sponsorship page! So far...the celeb users of Twitter who have been fantastic enough to help me out with RT's are: Maggie Philbin (@Maggiephilbin)...Alan Davies(@alandavies1)...Robert Llewellyn (@bobbyllew)...Adam Woodyatt (@AdamWoodyatt)...Phil Jupitus (@Jupitusphillip)...Jonathon Ross (@wossy)...Chesney Hawkes (@ChesneyHawkes)...Will Carling (@willcarling)...Dom Holland (@Domholland)...Dave Gorman (@Dave_Gorman)...Jane Goldman (@ferretprincess)...Sharon Marshall (@sharontweet)...Eddie Izzard (@eddieizzard)...Jason Manford (@Jason_Manford)...Neil Innes (@NeilInnes)...more about this great man to follow....John Cleese (@JohnCleese)...Bill Bailey (@RealBillBailey)...Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm)...David Schneider (@davidaschneider)...David Baddiel (@ronskanky)...Tasmin Archer (@TasminArcher)...Leon Kay (@leonkay)...Jenni Falconer (@Jennifalconer)...Mathew Horne (@mfhorne)...Gail Porter (@Gailporter)...Beverley Knight (@Beverleyknight)...Make sure you read on to hear more about this wonderful Lady...Mike Batt (@Mike_Batt)...Matthew Lewis (@mattdavelewis)...Jason Bradbury (@JasonBradbury)...Rufus Hound (@RufusHound)...Graham Linehan (@Glinner)...Marc Bannerman (@MarcBannerman)...Noel Clarke(@NoelClarke)...The lovely qikipedia Elves (@qikipedia)...Little Elves with Deep pockets...more about them below...Sarah Cawood (@sarah_cawood)...Danny Wallace (@misterwallace)...Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano)...Justin Moorhouse (@justinm oorhouse...Alan Carr (@AlanCarr)...Lee Boardman (@leeboardman)...Ewen Macintosh (@ewenmacintosh) Heidi Range (Heidi_range)...Boyd Hilton (boydhilton)

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