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Fizzy Drink Art

Have just been watching ' This Morning on TV and there was an artist that has found a new style. He makes fantastic pictures out of the metal fizzy drink cans, turns them inside out and cuts pieces of and builds big pictures up and they look fantastic. I always shy away from metal type art but there were good. I started to watch half way thought so if anyone else saw it and knows how he got the coloured parts of the pictures, did he paint them or did he use the coloured part of the cans. The nearest l have been to metal art is putting ring pulls on a art quilt and l mixed safety pins with them. By the size of his paintings he would need a small army outside collecting all the cans as he only used the ones that are thrown out. I am going to search to see if there is anymore about him on the internet. Were the light cought the picture of some boats in the harbour they looked beautiful but he did say moonlight is the best for showing how lovely the paintings look. Since doing art like this he has had phone calls from all over the world for including his paintings in there gallery's. So while everyone is saying paintings are not selling with all the money problems of the world but he is selling these and they cost thousands of pounds each so it just comes back to say if you find something dfferent in art you will sell. I often try to think of a different way but nothing comes to tell me.

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