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Art Collecters or would be Collecter's

The following is from a blog that l follow and the post below really interested me but its so true so anyone worried about what to use there money for in to days world should just have a read of it.

Dear Art Collectors of the World, This is for all of you out there who buy art and want to know how the art is made, not in technique but in the raw emotion and mind set of a piece. I am here to tell you what goes into making art for a show, setting up the show, and having the show. Then handling what ever comes from the show, good or bad.

I talk a lot about my commission work and how you can have one made. I go on and on about how I deal with my galleries and other galleries I am trying to get in. Here you can see some of my latest work and maybe hear a little about what’s going on in my life while I was making it.

I want to thank all Art Collectors and soon to be Art Collectors, without you all us artists would be no where, well maybe just in our parents’ houses. So to all the Art Collectors out there keep doing what you are doing, Thank You!

For those of you who want to collect or are thinking about collecting I want to tell you in this day and age the only really thing someone can invest in is art. As banks lose money and as big car manufactures go out of business, art stays art. The stock market may be as shaky as a girl in a rap video but art stays strong in the tide and since no one is giving any artist bail out money now is the time to start collecting art. Here is how I would collect if I had to do it. I would go out to a gallery or even go to eBay; there are so many ways to find good art these days. Start looking for artists and make sure to Google them and find out how long they have been in the game and who knows you just might find that next Picasso. Make sure to meet the artist if you can. Make sure your new artist is someone that seems like they are going to be making art till they die. It seems to me that 30 years is a good number to hang on to good art before its worth millions, don’t hold that against me if its not, it might actually be a shorter period of time. Many things in life may be unsure but a really good young artist that has the promise of at least 30 years of making art is a sure thing, so invest a lot of money in them and even if you don’t have any room in your house buy a lot of their art. And if that said artist changes their style get a few of those too. Make sure to get up dates on their work weekly so you can jump on the next best ones. You can even help your artist out by having shows of their work at your home or office. Maybe you can commission stuff or share ideas too. People you are the only ones that can make an artist great, they cant do it alone. So get out there and buy some art! Sincerely, Nemo

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